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Even when they fail, they get right back up and keep trying till they reach the finish line. Their dedication to any task they have is commendable. When most of the people give up after they face the very first challenge, Capricorn Aquarius cusp holds on. This is why they can achieve success in life. They learn from their mistakes and keep improving themselves. This will help you figure out which cusp you belong to. Then you can read about the qualities you have or the talents you hide.

You can even find out what cusp your friends belong to and read all about their cusps too. Cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius is known to be very critical of those around it. You over analyze things and are not afraid to voice your opinions. This can sometimes get you in trouble. Will you feel offended? Will you want to punch that person in the face?

If you belong to the Capricorn and Aquarius cusp, you have to be cautious about what is coming out of your mouth. Not everyone can take your criticism, and not everyone needs it. An exciting thing to note here is that these two signs if studied separately are very different from each other. The ruling planets of both these astrology signs are different; one is governed by Saturn and the latter by Uranus. But when they both come together, the effect is exceptional.

The Capricorn in you keeps you grounded and close to the reality making sure that even if your head is in the cloud, your feet are on the ground below. The Aquarius in you brings out your creative side pushing you to think outside of the box. So, both of these qualities combined to result in the Capricorn Aquarius cusp that boasts of creativity with a touch of realism.

But everything has two sides to it, and it is up to us to focus on the positivity and suppress the negativity. Now in the newspapers, the horoscope is for the signs but not specifically for the cusp.

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There is a lot of conflict inside of you. There are two very different sides to the Capricorn Aquarius cusp personality that needs to be balanced. They have a need to keep their personal life far away from the people, but they still want to be part of social circles and have an active social life. Often it gets tough to strike a balance between the two. C apricorn Aquarius cusp has often labeled the life of the party.

When they walk in the room, they bring with them an energy that lightens up the mood.

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They exhibit an excitement that is very contagious. They can engage people in all kinds of conversations, fascinating stories bordering on reality and fiction stemming from real life experiences, books and the world of fantasy.


January 23 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

But this is why you can never be bored in the company of a person who is born on the cusp. They will always have a party trick tucked away, ready to surprise people at the very moment when the mood seems to fall. Not a lot of people have such vibrant personalities so if you know a Capricorn Aquarius cusp, then hold on to them tight.

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They are one of a kind people who need to be cherished and appreciated. When it comes to Capricorn Aquarius cusp compatibility, they face a little challenge to maintaining their relationships. This may be frustrating for their partners. They are very imaginative, and not everyone will appreciate their sense of adventure. They like to do as they please which creates problems in their private lives. But if you want someone focused on the world then being with people born on the cusp will be a challenge. A lot of fascination surrounds the astrology cusp, but can a book or a newspaper give you an insight into what a person feels or does?

We all are guilty of reading horoscopes from time to time but how much do we believe? A person may be completely different from how astrology describes them to be. This is because different people face different circumstances. Two people born on the cusp or belonging to the Capricorn Aquarius cusp might have the same underlying qualities, but the way they express them might be completely different. Some people might lose heart in the face of disappointed. You cannot judge a person because of their astrology cusp.

You need to keep your heart clear and your eyes open and take people for who they are and not what their horoscopes tell you about them. At the end of the day how you choose to live your life is entirely up to you. But here are a few words of wisdom that you can keep in your mind not only if you belong to the Capricorn Aquarius cusp but as a human being living in this world. First, the key to success lies in hard work and consistency.

Yours is a combination of practicality and intellectual curiosity.

Gemini-Cancer June 17-24 ~Cusp of MAGIC~

Taurus is quite musical and artistic and Gemini has a knack for words so you could be quite gifted with lyrics or a paintbrush too! Are you a cultured and intelligent Gemincer or Camini?

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This is rightly called the cusp of magic as you possess the perfect mix of intellect and curiosity alongside an uncanny intuition and a fertile imagination. Bored in an instant, your mood and thoughts fluctuate alongside the winds and tides, making you shimmery, slippery and difficult to read. Your rulers are the ever changeable, fastest moving planets, Mercury and the Moon and your elements air and water, creating a magical morning mist.

Your rulers are our esteemed luminaries, the Sun and Moon, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, and your elements are water and fire, creating one hot steamy situation! You can be quite the hypochondriac and a bit melodramatic too and you might find personal relationships challenging simply because of how messy they are and how exposed and vulnerable you feel in one! Your rulers are the brilliant Sun and his whizzy messenger, Mercury, and your elements are fire and earth, crystallising hot coal into diamond!

Soft spoken and polite you nonetheless possess strong critical faculties, an impeccable sense of justice and an ability to find the best solution for all concerned. The only thing? You soon run away from any pressure and ugliness and suffer from procrastination and indecision. You are usually to be found right there in the midst of drama because you take a real interest in people and are passionate about fairness, getting to the heart of the matter and doing things right.

The downside? Your rulers are the beautiful Venus and her dark sexy stranger Pluto and your elements air and water, creating some rather misty windows!

The Ascendant's Cusp

And you certainly like a good challenge. Wild and blunt, you say it like it is.

January 23rd Zodiac

You can scale the heights or plump the depths in your thirst for adventure and you simply thrive on crisis and intensity. Your instincts and wisdom mean you have a knack for understanding people although you yourself might often be misunderstood. Your rulers are transformer Pluto and lucky expansive Jupiter, giving you unbending faith and X-ray vision. Your elements are water and fire, creating a jet of steam that can burn through anything! The world is your oyster. Your rulers are expansive Jupiter and hard working Saturn, giving you the perfect blend for success, and your elements fire and earth creating rising lava and volcanic rock.