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Bryan Eisenberg Speaker, Author;. Calin Biris Trainer consultant marketing;. Rune Heivang Teacher;. Alina Finta Coach;.

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Claudia Ciocirlan Life Coaching;. Vasile Sturzu Saman Inca;. Maxwell Team;.

Conferinta JCI "Inteligenta Emotionala si Sentimentul Compasiunii" cu Zoltan Veres

Bogdan Gavrila Profesor Al Ferasa;. Braco Spiritual Teacher;. David C. Muss Tehnica Rewind;. Dragos Barbalata Trainer, Antreprenor;. Iuliana Delcuescu Maestru Reiki;. Raine Hilton Spiritual Teacher;. Andi Beldianu Coach Adlerian;. Val Voicu Hatha Yoga;. Anda Manta Terapeut;. Leon Zagrean prof.

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Mihai Abagief Vipassana;. Rajko Kuzmanovic Metoda Silva;. Dan Farcas Matematician;. Juan Ruiz Naupari Psihoterapeut;. Gaia Michael Zipf Terapeut Satsang;. Lorin Nicolae Arhitect;. Robina Courtin Buddhist Teacher;. M 12 9 13 15 37 NUCET 13 15 56 SI PAS.

SHOW 13 ASRAD 12 13 15 84 ASREF 13 15 85 ASTOR 13 ASUS 13 ATAID 13 15 ATANG 13 ATIC 13 ATIME 13 SRL 13 2 ATOM 13 AURA 13 AVACO 13 AVANU 13 AXAIT 13 AXOLI 13 AXTEL 13 2 AZIZI 13 12 6 B-MARK 13 COM 13 BABE 13 BABEL 13 1 BADOR 13 BALSA 13 BARRY 13 BARSA 13 BAZIS 13 BEART 13 BEEF 13 2 BEIER 13 BELAC 13 BELBE 15 20 13 BEMET 13 1 BESP 13 BETRV 13 BGIS 13 BIMAR 13 BINGY 13 BIORA 13 BITUR 13 BLAGA 13 BLINX 13 BLIPO 13 The large propagation of misinformation, based on interpretations, rumours and exaggerations, often lead to marginalization and persecution of spiritual practitioners.

One would expect modern democratic countries to effectively mediate such discriminations. Instead, authorities themselves often fall into a trap of sensationalistic threats proliferated by media and traditionalists. The very decree of its creation is unconstitutional as it depends on private interest groups.

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SAS systematically fails to present substantial evidence for the police operations they perpetrate and has been questioned repeatedly by Italian Members of Parliament. However the Italian government has continued to fund and support the squad. Three hundred heavily armed policemen from the anti-terror squad attacked the yoga school MISA. During this operation, in its aftermath, Romanian authorities severely breached the fundamental rights of the Romanian yoga practitioners.

The case remains unaddressed and violations in the case continue. Authorities justify the attacks on spiritual movements by accusations such as terrorism, human trafficking, sexual corruption, and paramilitary extremism. However, no evidence is presented in support of such allegations. Posted: Sat Mar 29, am. Nume Domeniu: luxdivina. Posted: Mon Jul 21, pm.

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Posted: Mon Mar 21, pm. Lasand la o parte faptul, ca se prezinta ca fiind cei mai mari experti in tantra de pe intreg mapamondul , uita sa mentioneze faptul ca, in afara de Ileana Stefanescu, toti sunt actori de filme porno. Cireasa de pe tort este insa locatia in care isi vor desfasura asa zisele retrageri spirituale. Este vorba de clubul de vacanta pentru adulti: Hedonism II din Jamaica. Cu siguranta se vor intoarce de acolo cu noi idei "in premiera mondiala" pentru taberele si concursurile spirituale de la MISA.

Gurul a ajuns la parnaie si ei tot nu se potolesc. Pe de o parte cersesc pe net donatii pentru ca sa ii apere drepturile, iar pe de alta parte se afunda si mai adanc in zone care n-au nici in clin nici in maneca cu activitatile spirituale. Parca il vad pe Bivolaru trimitandu-i pe procurori sa se uite pe site-ul clubului Jamaican, ca sa se convinga ca nici acolo nu e e vorba de perversiuni.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, pm. Every woman has an immense potential, a wonderful and radiant unique femininity; exceptional qualities and talents waiting to be discovered and manifested. We offer workshops, courses and events helping each woman on her spiritual journey of discovering herself as a true Goddess or Shakti.

A native of Australia, Catherine studies and teaches both Tantra and Yoga. She is fascinated by the role of the awakened woman shakti on the tantric path, and is also dedicated to practicing and teaching tantra massage and erotic dance as a way to develop the state of Shakti in herself and other women. About Us We are a team of women promoting true femininity and spiritual development for women; helping and supporting women to discover and elevate themselves to reveal the Goddess that every woman has within her.

We offer every woman a way to know herself more intimately and to live in harmony with herself and her environment, to experience more happiness, love, joy, maximum erotic satisfaction and fulfillment, intimacy and sacredness in her life and her couple relationships, to develop her specific qualities that makes her unique and wonderful; to become super happy and completely fulfilled no matter the outer circumstances. We have very many years of experience and teaching in the fields of tantra, tantric and taoist erotic arts, yoga, meditation, spiritual groups for women and other spiritual practices.

Weaving together tantric and taoist secrets, which we reveal here in this context for the first time and which are successfully put into practice in other countries around the world, plus different forms of sensual dance, meditation, yoga, rituals and workshops and events of female empowerment, we offer each woman a completely extraordinary chance of self discovery. Our teachings are authentic and already thousands of women across the world have achieved amazing results and lived ecstatic states from practicing them.

We have the knowledge, the experience, the results, the insight, the extensive training that qualifies us to help and guide the others. Venus women Carmen Gherase Carmen has been interested in the universal spiritual traditions since a teenager, and she started practicing Yoga and Tantra at 15 years old and running Tantra groups for women Shakti groups at 18 years old. Her emphasis lies in the study of Dasha Mahavidya Great Cosmic Powers and holds conferences on how women can become identified with Cosmic Energies in order to achieve their ultimate purposes.

Due to experiencing the amazing effects of Yoga practice, she firmly believes in the Tantric path as a way of life. Her strong interests also include polyamory, dancing, healing our emotional wounds, the human aura and many more.

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  8. She loves making friends and finding ways to achieve practical knowledge that helps her and others experience the innermost essence. Catherine Dunworth Catherine has been studying and practicing authentic tantra, yoga and meditation in the Uk and Europe for the last 15 years. Experiencing the extraordinary benefits and transformations it brought into her life, yoga and tantra have become a life-time passion, a daily practice and a way of life. She is an internationally certified yoga and tantra teacher and facilitates groups for women in the Uk, exploring the mysteries of genuine femininity, love, sensuality and spiritual evolution for a woman in this day and age.

    She is known for her gentle, loving and supportive approach when she teaches. She is the Founder and Director of Venus in the Uk and is very enthusiastic about helping women to discover the happiness, power, fulfillment and love they have within. Soon after, she discovered that dancing is for her a way to get in touch with her femininity, sensuality and, at the same time, to enter in a deep meditative state. Amplifying love and femininity she became, in a short while, able to live ecstatic states which transformed her profoundly.

    She harmonized her body and soul and started a new life of happiness and fulfillment. Now she is dedicated to continuously improve herself and to help others to become more happy and fulfilled, giving a spiritual meaning to their life. She is following her ideals and gladly share them with those who are walking the same path. She is a professional dancer for the last 10 years and a Shakti group coordinator.

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    Another major interest for Darya is photography which she uses as a medium that allows us to visually perceive the inner beauty of others or ourselves. Katalin Rozsnyai Since a very young age, Katalin has been searching for something that would help her discover who she is and what means to live life in a conscious way. Since she discovered yoga and tantra, life has been a unique journey — a very transforming one and she is grateful for all the challenging lessons that come along as well as the beauty these carry.

    Now Katalin wishes to share her experience and knowledge with all women who also wish to find a different way to life. Magdalena Hau When Magdalena discovered how delicious and profound the journey of a sensual spiritual woman can be, she knew that the Tantric Path would hold the treasures she was seeking. Discovering this ocean of wisdom encompassed by the tantric path, she knew that a lifelong love affair had begun.

    Magdalena is a doctor and an internationally certified Yoga and Tantra teacher. She also holds workshops and teaches specialised Tantra and transformation groups for women, helping women to discover their sensuality, beauty, spirituality and inner fulfilment; all that is divine and magical within. The desire to know if these incredible ideas could be true was fulfilled in discovering authentic tantra and yoga, which felt complete and holistic in its teachings. Her wish to share this knowledge and to help others awaken more to their true potential is being realised, through teaching tantra, and coordinating Tantra for Women groups in London and Oxford since Marilena is the co-author and co-facilitator of the Sublime Feminine Eros that runs twice a year.